Saturday, May 25, 2013

Justin wonderful is his name

Justin Warren Martin created this extraordinary art work for The Warriors' Duet, to be produced by Circle Circle dot dot at the San Diego Fringe Festival, directed by Katie Harroff and Anne Gehman. Casting will be announced next week.

The Warriors' Duet plays in the Cabaret space at 10th Avenue Theatre, 930 10th Avenue, just south of Broadway. Seating is extremely limited so order your tickets now. There is no Padres game.

11 a.m. Thursday, July 5

12:30 p.m. Friday, July 6

5 p.m. Saturday, July 7

Tickets at

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Warriors' Duet scheduled!

Three performances only!

The Warriors’ Duet is a celebration of love, life and language. A mother searches for her missing daughter and the story unfolds, enhanced by movement and music. Theirs was an intense relationship, rife with love and laced with competition. The Warriors’ Duet is the poignant comedy routine they never performed in public, the book they didn’t have time to write. Directed by Anne Gehman, produced by Circle Circle dot dot.

San Diego Fringe Festival presents The Warriors’ Duet
By Charlene Baldridge, based on the work of Laura Morefield and Charlene Baldridge
Directed by Anne Gehman
Produced by Circle Circle dot dot

Warriors' Duet, The Friday July 5th at 11:00 AM, CABARET THEATRE - 10th Ave Theatre

Warriors' Duet, The Saturday July 6th at 12:30 PM, CABARET THEATRE - 10th Ave Theatre

Warriors' Duet, The Sunday July 7th at 5:00 PM, CABARET THEATRE - 10th Ave Theatre

Purchase tickets now at This intimate theatre holds only 40.

Laura Jeanne Morefield and Charlene Baldridge
Christmas 2008