Saturday, June 1, 2013

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Laura and Mom 2008

My late daughter Laura Jeanne Morefield's poem, "I Invented Body-Surfing" from the chapbook titled The Warrior's Stance, has been published in Serving House Journal. Laura is in the kind of company she always hoped for, thanks to editor Steve Kowit. Just go to contents and click on her name, found under Poetry. 

Here's a poem about Laura that I wrote this morning at Crest Cafe

Finger Food

I should have known, so eager you were
to grasp, to take the world between
thumb and forefinger and raise it
to your lips, seeing, inhaling the aroma
putting it into your mouth, and as soon
as lips formed words and mind made thought,
describing it all for me.

I miss you most when at leisure,
dining outdoors, lingering, savoring
the experience, the night, the day, the sights.
I remember what we gazed upon together,
you burbling ceaselessly, and I, gathering
grace that continues, pulling it in
like a cloak to warm and cover my heart.

In further Warrior news, Circle Circle dot dot is about to announce casting for The Warriors' Duet, which plays July 5, 6 and 7 at 10th Avenue Theatre as part of the inaugural San Diego Fringe Festival. Katie Harroff at Soroya Rowley share directing duties, and I would not be happier over the casting. Go to  and click on Shows, pulldown Artists, and purchase your tickets early. The cabaret space has limited seating!

Artistry of  Justin Warren Martin

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