Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reading Laura on the Welland Canal

Reading Laura’s Poetry on the Welland Canal

I’ve been entertaining in public for as long as I can remember
but never have I competed with engines and the scraping of
locks, bottom and sides, aboard a ship in the Welland Canal.

Flicka commanded a performance of our poetry, yours and mine,
and then departed the ship abruptly. My wishes for the accomplishment of her merciful mission are prayers I’m sure you heard even as I complied at the appointed hour, reading Jake’s request “Straightening the Edges.” So it became a mother/daughter affair, continuing with “Motherwit” and forgiveness. Then I read your poem “Selah,” the one about the bubbles, and ended with “The Work at Hand,” the poem that Jake will set. You placed it at the top of the stack of poems you sent him two months before you died.

You’ll be happy to know that lest I complete all your assignments,
Jake is making them now in your stead, requesting a video recording of
my performance as if I have the power to recreate that moment,
as if henceforth in my endeavors I should have my own identity, 
separate and distinct from you. 


Direct from composer Jake Heggie's mouth to your ear

Now it can be told almost in full. My late daughter Laura Jeanne Morefield's poem, "The Work at Hand," will provide the text for Jake's concerto for soprano, cello and symphony orchestra, to be premiered in November 2014. The symphony commissioning the work is the Pittsburgh! What we still don't know is who the soprano will be.

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