Saturday, January 11, 2014

Take a look -- Warriors photos

Take a Look at the 'Warriors'

Laura Jeanne Morefield and her mother,
Charlene Baldridge 2008

In response to a reader's request, here are photos of The Warriors' Duet from the initial reading in May 2012 at ion theatre, directed by Claudio Raygoza and produced by Glenn Paris; and also from the Circle Circle dot dot production co-directed by Katherine Harroff and Anne Gehman at the inaugural San Diego Fringe Festival and The White Box Theatre at Liberty Station. These took place in July and September 2013.

Karson StJohn McGinley, Charlene and Linda Libby
following the reading in May 2012

Ssamsntha Ginn on rooftop of 10th Avenue Theatre
prior to the commencement of the Fringe Festival
Photo courtesy Circle Circle dot dot

Sam and company
Photo Manuel Rotenberg

Matt Carney and Samantha Ginn in performance
at White Bos Theatre

Matt Carney (center) Kathi Copeland (seated, left)
and company at White Box Theatre

Samantha Ginn and Kathi Copeland
Photo by Manual Rotenberg

The lovely 'Warriors' poster
created by Justin Warren Martin

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